YALÇIN BORU JEOTERMAL was established in 1997, on a total area of 23,000 m² with 7,200 m² indoor area, with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the industry at the utmost level.


Having been established for the purpose of carrying out fast and accurate manufacturing in accordance with internationally recognised standards (TS EN 253, TS EN 12201-2, TS EN 448) and legislations, and under terms that are mutually agreed with the customers, with modern and technological equipment and prioritising the understanding of high quality service as a leader in the industry in our country, Yalçın Boru carries on its activities in order to make a name for itself in the international market in its sector, without deviating from its founding purpose and adding new ones to its targets every year.

In accordance with its customer satisfaction procedures, the complaint management system determined by Yalçın Boru as "Sales and Customer Relations Procedure", it complies with the criteria of accessibility, transparency, objectivity, confidentiality, traceability, accountability, compliance with legal regulations and customer-oriented understanding.

In Yalçın Boru, not only customer satisfaction, but also the satisfaction of all our suppliers who provide us with services or goods, under the same conditions and with the same criteria, is important for us.

The core value for Yalçın Boru is the human. In order to render this value more effective and efficient, trainings are planned at every level that will strengthen the team spirit, and personnel satisfaction is met in the best way in a suitable working environment with competent employees who comply with the codes of ethics.

Being aware of our responsibilities towards customers, employees, society, the environment and all our stakeholders, we ensure the commitment of all applicable requirements.

The quality policy of Yalçın Boru is to provide the continuity of our management systems (ISO 9001- ISO 14001- ISO 45001) by improving them, and to become an exemplary organisation at a level that can meet the requirements of this industry by providing the sources needed by the country in the geothermal industry.

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