YALÇIN BORU JEOTERMAL was established in 1997, on a total area of 23,000 m² with 7,200 m² indoor area, with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the industry at the utmost level.


In line with the principle of "human orientation" and the philosophy of living in harmony with nature, in all activities it has effectuated since its establishment, Yalçın Boru cooperates with its customers and suppliers, and adopts the following aspects as its policy regarding occupational health and safety and environment:

• Providing a healthy and safe working environment and setting and monitoring targets for this,

• Spreading the awareness of environmental protection and occupational health and safety to all employees by means of necessary training activities,

• Choosing recyclable resources that do not harm the environment and occupational health as much as possible,

• Following technological developments and innovations, taking decisions that ensure occupational health and safety and are compatible with the environment,

• Recycling and disposing of wastes without harming the environment,

• Increasing awareness and providing with individual responsibility,

• Actively managing environmental aspects and occupational health and safety risks in order to comply with all relevant legislations and other applicable standards.


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