YALÇIN BORU JEOTERMAL was established in 1997, on a total area of 23,000 m² with 7,200 m² indoor area, with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the industry at the utmost level.



Yalçın Boru shapes its human resources approach within the framework of laws, corporate values and ethical rules, and takes inclusiveness and equal opportunity as basis in all its practices. Based on its aim of being the most preferred employer in its sector, it follows a systematic and development-oriented approach in all human resources processes from recruitment to career management, from training and development to performance management. It implements strategies that reward consistent high performance and wage and benefit strategies that are compatible with market conditions and competitive.


Yalçın Boru considers a trained human source that values people, that is motivated, that has a high level of satisfaction and that is ready for continuous learning the most important investment to the future of our company.
The secret to our organisation's long-term success is hiring, retaining and developing employees who can make continuous development. Therefore, at the stage of recruitment, the potential of professional development is the basic standard.

In case of a need for personnel, the Human Resources Department determines the features required by the job, and starts the recruitment process via internet and/or kariyer.net job application announcements. The incoming applications are evaluated and candidates are evaluated through interviews with human resources, relevant managers and the general manager. Successful candidates are placed in respective positions.

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