How to Install Geothermal Pipes? What to Pay Attention to? What Are the Prices of Pre-Insulated Isolated Pipes?

How to Install Geothermal Pipes? 

The installation of geothermal pipes is a very important and sensitive matter. Especially in applications where the preservation of the fluid's temperature carried by the geothermal pipe is a priority, the installation of pipes gains even more significance in various industrial sectors. Geothermal (pre-insulated-isolated) pipes are widely preferred for the transport of hot water, steam, chilled water, and other temperature-sensitive fluids. There are specific stages in the installation of geothermal pipes. These stages are as follows:

  • Preparation of the required equipment during installation

Before the installation process begins, make sure that all the required dimensions and sizes of geothermal pipes, support and suspension devices, connection parts, and other necessary components are ready.

  • Planning the layout of the pipes

Carefully plan the layout of the geothermal pipe system. Determine how much parts like pipe paths, connections, supports, and elbows will be needed. Planning the necessary components is important for the efficiency of the pipe system.

  • Checking the pipes

It is beneficial to check pre-insulated (isolated) pipes before installation. Pipes should be inspected for any damage in case of any potential damage during transportation and lowering to the installation line.

  • Use of support devices

Properly supporting the pipes is important to carry the weight of the pipe itself and the fluid it will carry. Support hangers should be used at specified intervals following the instructions of the geothermal pipe manufacturer.

  • Cutting the pipes

Cut geothermal pipes to the lengths you need for installation. Pay attention to ensure that the cutting process is done correctly to prevent fluid leakage and preserve insulation.

  • Installation of additional parts

Mount connection parts such as elbows, tees, and valves according to the layout plan where necessary. Make sure that all connection parts are correctly installed to prevent leaks.

  • Insulation of the pipes

The primary purpose of geothermal pipes is to maintain the temperature of the fluid inside. Make sure that insulation is properly applied to all joints and connection parts. Use appropriate insulation kits, adhesives, and tapes for joint insulation.

  • Use of clips and tapes

Use clips and tapes designed for the joints of geothermal pipes. Special clips and tapes are crucial for preserving insulation. You can get information from pre-insulated pipe manufacturers for these parts.

  • Leakage control

After the installation is complete, check that all components are correctly installed. Before putting the geothermal pipe system into operation, check for leaks in the pipeline and perform a pressure test for leak detection. Make sure that the pipe can withstand the pressure of the fluid it will carry.

What to Pay Attention to in Geothermal Pipe Installation?

In the installation of geothermal pipes, especially the following points should be carefully considered:

  • Use of appropriate support devices

Properly install support hangers to prevent sagging and stretching in geothermal pipes.

  • Selection of insulation material

Pay attention to using pipes with insulation materials suitable for the purpose of the pipeline.

  • Sealing

Check the sealing of all connection points to prevent heat loss and condensation in the pipeline.

  • Safety

Apply occupational health and safety measures during the installation of geothermal pipes. Do not neglect to use protective equipment.

  • Compliance with regulations

Ensure that the pipeline complies with legal regulations.

  • Maintenance

Regularly perform checks and maintenance on geothermal pipe systems to extend their lifespan and ensure optimal performance.

  • Consider expansion

Perform stress and expansion analysis and calculations to prevent pressure in pipeline systems due to temperature changes.

When performing geothermal pipe installation, it is important to follow the manufacturer's field application recommendations and standards. In this regard, it may be beneficial to seek assistance from the manufacturer and experts if necessary.

What Are the Prices of Geothermal Pipes? Is There a Price List?

The prices of geothermal pipes vary according to pipe types. Geothermal steel pipes, reinforced seamless steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, plastic pipes, GRE&GRP pipes, and stainless steel pipes are just a few of the many pipe types available, and, in addition to these, there are pre-insulated fittings products, spool&collectors, valves, and joint insulation kits. This extensive range of products is produced in different sizes and dimensions. To find out the prices of geothermal (Pre-Insulated Isolated) pipes, you can contact Yalçın Boru in Ankara and get detailed information according to your needs.

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