Pre-insulated fittings, that is, geothermal pipe fittings, primarily ensure safety and efficiency in all installations where pre-insulated pipes are used.

Pre-Insulated - What are the Materials of Geothermal Fittings?

Pre-insulated (Geothermal) fitting materials, that is, pipe fittings, are elements used in all kinds of connections and joints of pre-insulated pipes used in the transportation of hot or cold fluids. In this way, pipelines are directed and the installation is shaped according to need. Joining of geothermal pipes used in housing, industrial facilities, shipping industry or agriculture is done with these fitting materials.

What are the Pre-Insulated Fittings Material Types?

Pre-insulated pipe fittings are produced in different types according to their usage areas in the installation. Geothermal fittings material types include:

How to Use Geothermal Fittings Materials?

Pre-insulated pipe fittings are used in combination with each other as needed. For example, a combination of elbow and T can be made with fixed supports. When joining geothermal fitting materials, a pre-insulated pipe joining set is used. In this way, the heat of the fluid in the pipelines is preserved at the maximum level. Pre-insulated fitting materials are produced in accordance with types such as Geothermal Plastic Pipe, Geothermal Steel Pipe, Geothermal GRE&GRP Pipe and Geothermal Copper Pipe.

What to Consider When Selecting Pre-Insulated Pipe Fittings?

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