What is Pre-Insulated Pipe Jointing Set? How to use?

What is Pre-Insulated Pipe Jointing Set?

Joining sets of pre-insulated (Pre-Insulated - Geothermal) pipes are the materials used where the pre-insulated pipes are joined using various additional parts. Thanks to this set, the insulation feature is preserved at the joints of the additional parts. The safety of the joints in these lines is ensured thanks to the pre-insulated pipe joint set against heat, humidity, solar effects and environmental conditions. When joining pre-insulated pipe systems in field applications, it is very important to provide insulation after welding and assembly with pre-insulated joining sets.

What's Included in the Pre-Insulated Pipe Jointing Set?

The pre-insulated pipe joint set includes a joint insulation kit. The materials in the insulation set are used for joining elements such as joining pre-insulated pipes, pre-insulated tees and branch dividers, pre-insulated elbows, pre-insulated reducers and pre-insulated fixed supports. Yalçın Pipe pre-insulated pipe jointing sets include the following products:

  • HDPE Sheath Pipe (Complete Heat Shrink Joint): It is the part located on the outside of the joint and protects the joints of pre-insulated pipes against external factors.
  • Heat Shrink Tape: Heat shrink tape used with heat application is a part used to maintain the integrity of the pipeline at the joint. The junction points of the pipelines are tightly wrapped with this tape and provide waterproofing at the joint.
  • Isocyanate: Used as a hardening chemical. It has the ability to bond with plastic and metal pipes.
  • Polyol: It is a chemical used for insulation purposes together with isocyanate.
  • Blind Plug: It is used to close this hole after the isocyanate and polyol mixture is discharged from the hole on the HDPE casing pipe.

How to Use Pre-Insulated Pipe Jointing Set?

Pre-insulated - geothermal pipe joint sets must be used in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturing company. Generally, the pre-insulated pipe joint set is used as follows:

  • Before the assembly or welding of the pipes, the heat shrink joint is placed on the pipe.
  • Welding of the pipes is carried out.
  • It is ensured that the pipes to be joined are clean and dry.
  • Heat shrink tapes are applied to both sides of the pipes at the points where the two ends of the heat shrink joint will coincide. The tapes are made ready by heating.
  • The heat shrink joint is heated with the help of a blowtorch and made suitable for the diameter of the pipes being joined.
  • Isocyanate and polyol are mixed in appropriate amounts according to the table given by Yalçın Boru and poured into the pipe sheath. Once the mixture is obtained, no time should be wasted because this mixture will start to harden within 5-10 seconds. Then, the hole through which the mixture is poured should be closed with a blind plug.

When joining Yalçın Pipe products, geothermal steel pipes, geothermal plastic pipes and rockwool reinforced geothermal pipes, a pre-insulated pipe jointing set recommended by the company must be used.

What Should Be Considered When Using a Geothermal Pipe Joining Set?

The following points should be taken into consideration when using the geothermal pipe jointing set:

  • The joining set must be suitable for the pre-insulated pipe type.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that application areas are dry and clean.
  • Extreme care must be taken when heating the heat shrink tape and HDPE protective sleeve (heat shrink joint). These materials exposed to excessive heat may lose their properties.
  • When mixing isocyanate and polyol, product amounts must be adjusted correctly.

What are the advantages of Thermal Insulated Pipe Jointing Set?

Some advantages of the thermally insulated pipe jointing set are:

  • It provides excellent thermal insulation.
  • It can be applied quickly and easily.
  • This provides a safe peer that ensures the integrity of the line.
  • It ensures the long life of the pipeline.
  • It is resistant to water and other environmental conditions.
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