What You Need to Know About HDPE Pipe Diameters and What to Consider in the Selection of Pre-Insulated HDPE Pipes?

The durability, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and long lifespan of HDPE pipes make them widely used in various applications. Pre-insulated HDPE pipes are also commonly used in many systems. Geothermal HDPE pipes, produced in different diameters, are frequently used in various infrastructure and industrial organizations. Selecting the right diameter for pre-insulated HDPE pipes is crucial for the efficient and long-term use of the pipe system. Therefore, it is essential to have the following information about HDPE pipe diameters for making the right choice:

DN (Nominal Diameter): Standard size of pipes.

Outer Diameter (dₐ): The external surface diameter of the pipe.

Wall Thickness (s): Thickness of the pipe material.

Inner Diameter: The inner surface diameter of the pipe.

These data provide information about HDPE carrier pipes, HDPE casing pipes, and insulation material (PUR).

Based on this information, you can examine HDPE pipe diameters and the necessary details through the table.

HDPE Pipes Product Table

DN Outer Diameterp dₐ (mm) Outer Diameter D (mm) Wall Thicknesss (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm)
Ø 20/75 20 20 75 3,0 69,0 24,5
Ø 25/90 25 25 90 3,0 84,0 29,5
Ø 32/90 32 32 90 3,0 84,0 26
Ø 40/110 40 40 110 3,0 104,0 32
Ø 50/110 50 50 110 3,0 104,0 27
Ø 63/125 63 63 125 3,0 119,0 28
Ø75/140 75 75 140 3,0 134,0 29,5
Ø 90/160 90 90 160 3,0 154,0 32
Ø 110/200 110 110 200 3,2 193,6 41,8
Ø 125/225 125 125 225 3,4 218,2 46,6
Ø 160/250 160 160 250 3,6 242,8 41,4
Ø 200/280 200 200 280 3,9 272,2 36,1
Ø 250/315 250 250 315 4,1 306,8 28,4
Ø 315/400 315 315 400 4,8 390,4 37,7
Ø 355/450 355 355 450 5,2 439,6 42,3
Ø400/500 400 400 500 5,6 488,8 44,4
  • Non-insulated pipe ends will have a length of 150 - 250 mm ±10 mm.
  • Upon request, manufacturing can be made in lengths, diameters and insulation thicknesses different from the values in the table.
  • Our company reserves the right to make changes on this and all other data in the brochures, written documentation and on our website. You may contact our company for getting up-to-date information.
  • The wall thicknesses and unit weights of HDPE carrier pipes may vary.


What to Consider in the Selection of Pre-Insulated HDPE Pipe Diameter?

It is best to seek assistance from an expert in the selection of the diameter of pre-insulated HDPE pipes. You can contact Yalçın Boru through contact to get help in choosing the pipe diameter. Making the right choice is essential to meet the needs of your project and construct a long-lasting pipeline. Each diameter is designed to provide excellent performance for specific applications. You can examine the product table and Geothermal HDPE Pipes page for detailed specifications and suitable diameter selection. Pay attention to the following when selecting geothermal HDPE pipe diameters:

  • Choose a pipe diameter suitable for the purpose of the pipeline. Select diameters suitable for water transmission, wastewater systems, or HVAC systems.
  • Use a pipe diameter suitable for the flow rate of the fluid to be transported.
  • Choose pipes suitable for the flow velocity of the fluid.
  • Ensure compatibility between the pipe diameter and the pressure of the pipeline.
  • Select a pipe diameter based on the length of the pipeline.
  • Consider the physical conditions of the location where the project will be implemented.
  • Choose pipes of the appropriate diameter for various environmental factors and weather conditions.
  • Since pipe diameters directly affect costs, efficiency, and economy should be evaluated together.
  • Select a pipe diameter considering potential changes or developments in the project's future.
  • The chosen pipe diameter should comply with project standards and regulations.
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