Qualitiy Policy

Conducted by our organization in the context of Pre-Insulated Pipe production, Polyehtylene Pipe production and Fittings production, Yalcın Boru Jeotermal’ s quality policy is;

·         Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level by ensuring ownership our qualitiy to all our staff and development-oriented approach and cultural activities.

·         Ensuring and improving customer satisfaction by product qualitiy, technical support and after-sales service in the desired manner to meet customer needs.

·         With social responsibility, ensuring safety on life, property and environment at the level of international standarts (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) and finding reliable solutions to likely to be problems.

·         In accordance with the principles to be leader, reliable and preferable organization in the industry, giving the best service according to the international standarts ( TS EN 253, TS EN 12201-2(TS EN 418-2), TS EN 448) by keeping at the forefront of quality service.

·         Producing a high-tech and high-quality products.

·         Engaging in close cooperation with our suppliers as long as conditions allow.

·         Within our company, keeping up to date with the current world and continuous improvement at every point

·         Following all the legal requirements that our company covers and applying them in our works.