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About Us

YALCIN BORU JEOTERMAL, operating as a leadıng company in geothermal industry, was founded within DOGAN JEOTERMAL to meet the needs of industry at a highest level, on a total area of 23.000 m² covered area of 7,200 m² in 1997.

YALCIN BORU JEOTERMAL has been manufacturing pre-insulated pipe (geothermal pipe) and fittings, steam pipe and fittings, PPRC pipe and fittings, polyethylene pipe (PE100) and fittings intended for the industry.


Pre-Insulated pipes and fittings that we designed and manufactured are used in:


§  District heating adn cooling systems

§  Co-Generation systems

§  Fire Lines

§  Cold water lines against freezing

§  Textile industry

§  Planthouse industry

§  Gas and oil pipe lines

§  Tourism sector

§  Industrial and chemical facilities

§  Power plants

§  Geothermal energy applications

§  Superheated oil, compressed air, steam systems

§  Industrial plants that all kinds of cold and hot fluid is transported in

§  To minimize the heat loss


YALCIN BORU JEOTERMAL, that became the industry leader in a short time, expanded manufacturing standarts by using high level technologies and had TS EN 253, EN 12201-2 (EN 418-2), TS EN 448 standarts with specialized staff in the field.

YALCIN BORU JEOTERMAL alsı providing survices in accordance with EN ISO 9001 standarts and adopted to quality product and quality services. YALCIN BORU JEOTERMAL has never compromised customer satisfaction.

As YALCIN BORU JEOTERMAL, our goal in the next and usual , to increase our production capacity and product variety.